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We began breeding horses for jumping from the very start, thanks to José's expertise. After a little over a decade, our efforts were rewarded with the result of a certified stud, Victor de Jochri (s: Drost) and one of the world's finest horses: Talky de Jochri (s: Drost). This horse participated in the Olympic Games on two occasions and qualified three times for the World Cup finals. Our outstanding products have been greatly appreciated by foreign clients who have taken them to Spain, England, the Netherlands, Morocco, France and Canada. The trend was set, and the products of our breeding continue to perform at international competitions today.

Since 1996, Marc has also run a stud farm in the La Motte also in Wemmel. After six years, he had his own certified pony stallion Quickstar de Jochri (s: Kannan). The horse won over 30 national and international competitions. After winning three competitions at jumping CSI** Wisbecq, he moved to England.

In 2007 the Stoeterij van Wemmel was created and together with Laura Deneve the renowned BWP (Belgian Warmblood) stud Rubens du Ri d'Asse (s: Argentinus) was purchased. He is among the top 10 of the BWP-thoroughbreds, thanks to his products, Beckham van het Paradijs (Ludo Philippaerts), Arc en Ciel de Muze (Antonio Ortiz) and, since 2011, Dior van het Indihof (Koen Vereecke) as international top horses.

In 2011 Marc and Stefan jointly purchased the international BWP-stud El Charro de Loupe (s: Quedro de Paulstra) in order to further expand our breeding activities.

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